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Marine Surveyor & Yacht Inspections

Preparing for a Marine Survey with Captain Sheldon Caughey:

You want the examination to be thorough and accurate, therefore:

  1. Someone knowledgeable about operation of the vessel should aboard to open up lockers and settees, provide lighting, locate items, start engines and operate systems.
  2. Please remove all covers from everything on the vessel – windows, dinghy, electronics, chairs, rafts, consoles, etc.
  3. Remove all loose contents of anchor and chain lockers, so the structure can be viewed. Also, open storage lockers in the interior and temporarily remove loose contents and items blocking view of equipment, structure or bilge.
  4. Prepare anchor windlass to operate/test.
  5. Prepare davit to operate/test.
  6. Capt. Sheldon will inspect exterior of life rafts, fire extinguishers, distress signals, and personal flotation devices for compliance to safety regulations, re certification and suitability.
  7. At start of survey, please turn on all lights, TV’s and navigation electronics, navigation lights.  During the process, Capt. Sheldon will ask to start both engines cold, and to start generator(s) cold unless vessel is out of water.
  8. Capt. Sheldon will need to view and record engine, generator, reversing gear serial numbers; engine and generator hours.
  9. Early on or as you are requested, demonstrate Air Conditioning units, bait tank pumps, showers, heads, televisions, all electronics, TV’s, icemakers.
  10. Please have ships papers out, engine manuals for serial numbers and all safety gear in plain view.
  11. If there will be an inspection with the sea trial, you will need to operate all pieces of equipment.


Rates for a “Cost & Valuation” Survey are as follows:

0   -29 feet   LOA                $ 18.00 per foot                     Cat & Trimarran -150%

30’-39 feet                            $ 19.00 per foot                     Wood – by Hour

40’-49 feet                            $ 19.00 per foot                     Steel – by quote

50’-59 feet                            $ 20.00 per foot                     Aluminum – by quote

60’69 feet                             $ 22.00 per foot

70’-79 feet                            $ 24.00 per foot                     SEA TRIAL – $95/hour

80’ over                                  $ by quote

  1. Mileage to and from Cabo San Lucas is $ 0.50 per mile.
  2. Time while traveling to and from out-of-town survey is $25.00 per hour.
  3. Out-of-town extra costs are all negotiable. Proposals for flat fees are welcome.
  4. List of informal findings can be available same day as survey. Full survey reports are sent out in 2-3 days.
  5. Oil samples are processed in mainland Mexico by MATCO Caterpillar Lab & sample bottles must be ordered 1 week in advance @ $75.oo ea.
  6. If you confirm a date and time for your survey with Capt. Sheldon, please note that it is standard policy for him to receive in advance a 50% non-refundable deposit.
  7. Ordering client/broker makes arrangements to move and appointment with boat yard to haul.

No dates can be confirmed without 50% advance deposit. Balance due no later than start of survey.


  • Capt. Sheldon Caughey, Marine Surveyor –
  • bajayacht@gmail.com
  • Cellular  011-521-624-110-2673
  • USA (415) 462-7676

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