8 Tips to Buying a Yacht

Professional Advice from Capt. Sheldon Caughey


  1. ‘’I recommend that every client should be represented by a broker who has at least 10 years of experience.’’
  2. ‘’Tell the broker the type of vessel you want to purchase and what it would be used for. Also, provide the broker with a budget and if you will be financing the vessel.’’
  3. ‘’Have the broker research all of vessels available in the size, price, and location where you are considering to make the purchase.’’
  4. ‘’Have the broker provide you with a current list of similar sold vessels (Soldboats.com), so you can make a reasonable offer for the vessel you are choosing to buy.’’
  5. ‘’There are various engine packages and major pieces of equipment that are more desirable than others. So be sure to consider re-sale in selecting models and engines.’’
  6. ‘’Upon selecting any vessel, make sure your offer is contingent upon a Marine Survey and a Sea-Trial.’’
  7. ‘’Always have an engine and a hull survey evaluation, and have the Marine Surveyor on board when conducting the sea-trial.’’
  8. ‘’Also be advised that the seller of the vessel should pay for any major defect that affects the structure and safety of the vessel.’’

About Capt. Sheldon Caughey –



’I am a member of the National Association of Marine Surveyors – N.A.M.S (SA) and I was previously an Accredited Marine Surveyor (AMS) with the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors aka S.A.M.S.​  I hold a USCG Captains license as Master, Power and Sail ‘Offshore’ with a Towing Endorsement. And, I graduated from the California Maritime Academy with a BSME in Marine Engineering with over 100,000 nautical miles at sea.  I spent 25 years as a licensed yacht broker in the San Francisco Bay area and I have personally owned or managed yachts up to 80 feet.’’



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