A little goes a long way.
Some people don’t realize that by making a small change in their yachting or boating habits, they can help in the global efforts of recycling and reducing trash.

How is that, you wonder?

Well, by following these 5 quick tips,
as wonderfully supplied by CruisingWorld.com:

1. Bring your own cloth bags.
2. Choose cloth over paper napkins.
3. Say no to paper plates.
4. Unplug a few hours from electricity.
5. Use LED bulbs.

Read the full article: http://www.cruisingworld.com/10-quick-tips-for-green-cruising?cmpid=enews090816&spPodID=030&spMailingID=26454438&spUserID=MjUxNTE1MzIzODg4S0&spJobID=881272412&spReportId=ODgxMjcyNDEyS0#page-3