Yachting with kids really depends on your point of view, and if you have had any kids your self.  Some people and parents think of all the hassle in handling short attention spans, while others see yachting with kids as an educational and exercising opportunity.
Why not get the kids involved, teach them how to be a captain and work-out all their energy so parents can have a nice night of relaxation?  The point is this, don’t knock it before you try it.  Right?
So here are 10 tips if you want to have a successful yachting adventure, via Cruisingworld.com:
  1. Check the weather in advance, be flexible.
  2. Plan and prepare for the type of yacht.
  3. Pack plenty of snacks, food, and toys.
  4. Pack for kids especially to their age.
  5. Show kids the ropes, literally.
  6. Consider, and be careful of, your attitude.
  7. Invest in disposable cameras for each kid.
  8. Have fun with boat safety.
  9. Keep up the good spirit.
  10. Start with short trips and practice for longer ones.
As Cruisingworld.com suggests, “…don’t think of a shorter sail as failure. Even if you end up back at the dock earlier than planned, do some fun kid things around the marina (fish, look for stones, swim if it’s hot, play in the dinghy, the list is endless!) and order pizza. Eat on board and then maybe walk up town for ice cream. You still had a day on the water. You still had a day as a family. You still had fun outside. And most importantly, your kids will want to come back! Find the positives and celebrate your success. This is your redefined sailing day and what a wonderful day it can be.”