You know what they say, “Keep it simple, stupid.”  Whether you’re having a catered yacht party or purchasing the food & drink your self, it’s wise to have a variety of simple items.  Picky people are everywhere and you just won’t satisfy everyone on board.  So by having a variety each guest can customize their own plate of food.  Know what I mean, Capitan?

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“For vacationers who love good food, exploring local markets in far-flung locales is an adventure that’s part of the chartering experience. If you’re one of those sailors, these tips for self-­provisioning will make it both cost-­effective and fun. Even if you elect to have your charter company provide full or partial provisioning, you can use these tips to decide on your food selections — and make life easier once you’re aboard.”

Before Your Charter –

1.  As part of your pre-trip planning, the designated cook should do some food research. In foreign or far-flung destinations, don’t count on finding all the familiar grocery items you’d find in your own local supermarket. Unlike in the U.S., in many parts of the world, markets sell only produce that is either locally grown or in season at the time, and many convenience foods we take for granted in U.S. stores simply aren’t available. 

Search online for foods and recipes indigenous to your charter area; this will give you a good idea of the items that will be on local market shelves. To take it further, have a look at provisioning lists from bareboat companies based in the area. Most companies post these shopping lists online for people who elect to have the company provision the yacht for them. It’s likely that area markets will stock the foods that are on those lists.


2.  If you’re sailing with people whose food preferences you don’t know, ask your crewmates some basic questions before you do anything else, such as: Is there anything you absolutely hate or cannot eat? Are you a vegetarian? Do you eat red meat, or prefer only fish and chicken? Which soft drinks, beers and wines do you prefer? Do you drink coffee or tea?


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